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An Ancient Legend
AN ANCIENT LEGEND tells of divine beings who came down from the heavens to bestow a glorious civilization upon humankind. We now invite you to witness this ancient legend come to life...
“I was in heaven watching it!”
—Andrea Huber, veteran dance critic
A Gift from Heaven
IN ANCIENT TIMES, China was known as the Land of the Divine. Everyone, from emperors to the common people, believed that their culture was a gift from heaven. They lived in harmony with the universe and saw a connection among all things. Traditional Chinese culture carried these principles for thousands of years—until this world was lost.
“The ancient Chinese wisdom will
not only benefit the Chinese people,
but also the whole world.”
—Ted Kavanau,
founding senior producer of CNN Headline News
Pushing the Boundaries of Art

TRUE ART nourishes the soul. It inspires and uplifts us. Art carries the very DNA of a civilization, and can bring the brilliance and wisdom of a lost culture back to life. Shen Yun takes this as its mission—to revive the very best of China’s 5,000 years of civilization.

It’s a monumental undertaking. Shen Yun pushes the boundaries of performing arts. Ancient art forms meet with innovative multimedia, all-original music, and masterful artistry. Diverse ethnic and folk traditions are beautifully evoked through dance alongside stirring legends and stories of ancient China. With its very own orchestra, Shen Yun makes for an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

“Absolutely the No. 1 show in the world.”
—Kenn Wells, former lead dancer of the English National Ballet
Vibrant Ethnic & Folk Traditions
LET SHEN YUN whisk you away to the top of the Himalayas for a sacred celebration or to the vast grasslands to join Mongolian horsemen. Discover how diverse Chinese culture actually is, with dozens of different ethnic groups and regional folk traditions, each with its own distinct costumes and dance styles. You will be amazed by how these dances fill the stage with color and energy.
“Lavish production, brilliant choreography, extravagantly beautiful.”
—Broadway World
Only a decade after its inception, Shen Yun now has five companies of dancers and musicians performing to sold-out venues around the world.

The audience response has been tremendous. Some told us they’ve flown from other countries or driven five to six hours just to see a Shen Yun performance.

Come and see why!

“I just feel blessed. I come away with feeling like a better human being for having experienced this magnificent event. It speaks not only to my intellect but to my heart.”
—Omega Medina, former senior manager of Classical Awards for the Grammy Awards

“I was filled with hope…
The cares of the world were shed from my shoulders, I was uplifted… The world is a better place because of Shen Yun.
—Richard Swett, former U.S. Congressman

“There is a massive power in this that can embrace the world. It brings great hope… It is truly a touch of heaven.”
—Daniel Herman, Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic

“I just wish there was a way that I could cry out to mankind: they owe it to themselves to experience Shen Yun.”
—Jim Crill, veteran producer

“Truly brilliant. There’s nothing like it.
Everyone in the audience is going to go home and say, ‘You’ve got to see this show,’ and they’ll be sold out. So get to the ticket office right away…”
—Lee Meriwether, actress

“A must-see!”
—Broadway World